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Check out this cool AFL Toyota ad featuring the one and only Lethal Leigh Matthews!
I drew the storyboards for the ad, which was directed by Dogboy from The Pound.
Doesn’t link directly so you’ll have to copy and paste the URL, sorry.

And these are some shooting storyboards from “The Loved Ones”.

This film gave me nightmares for three weeks while I was drawing it.

Then I snapped my Achilles tendon the morning after the wrap party.

Horror.  It sticks to ya’ like blood to a blanket!!!


Posted: 02/09/2011 in Artwork, Storyboards

And so…

As I timidly test the world of blogging, dipping my digit into the digital on yet another level, I share this experience in a simultaneous fashion with my ever wise and hungry-for-knowledge father, David Tolley.

We are rating and comparing our experiences and so far, for me, this isn’t so bad.

Certainly not like the hideous trials of using Dreamweaver or some such.

So look out for some work to be posted.  Sadly I am not at liberty to post things that I am currently working on as it would breach confidentiality and they would come and find me and hurt me with sharp pointy things.

But I CAN blog things that are just a little older, such as the weirded-me-out-drawing-these-ads Medibank TV commercials which are currently on air, then followed by some concept art from the horror film “The Loved Ones.”