▐ Wohnen in der Schweiz (living in Switzerland)

Und so…
Wir wohnen jetzt in der Schweiz!
We are now living in Switzerland!

After six weeks of camping out in our old place with nothing but a borrowed table and two chairs, a mattress on the floor and a few pots, pans and cups, we flew on the 27th of September and spent another three weeks camping out in our beautiful loft apartment here in St. Gallen until all our belongings arrived (including both motorcycles) in a container on the 22nd of October… We have now completely unpacked and settled in and the place is amazing.

I still hold all my Australian clients, so if you’re one who’s reading now then worry not!
Business as usual!  Just brief me late in the day in Australia and you’ll have the first draft by the time you get to work in the morning!

As for new clients in Switzerland, I have been putting my name out there and have met some fantastic and creative people, mostly in Zürich at this stage.

So wenn du in der Schweiz bist und einen Storyboard Artist brauchst, dann ruf mich an!

Ich freue mich auf die Zukunft!


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