▐ Fast ein Jahr in der Schweiz!

Doch ja, wir haben fast ein Jahr in der Schweiz gewohnt!

Now that everything is in order:
Aufenthaltsbewilligung (Residency Permit – one of the first things upon arrival last October); Krankenkasseversicherung (Health Insurance); Sozialversicherungsanstalt (Social Security); and Selbständigerwerbende (officially Self-Employed), we’ve now paid tax, registered the motorcycle as Swiss, and taken out home insurance.

Mein Hoch Deutsch ist immer besser wachsend – my German is getting better all the time.

Which brings me to…

Amongst all the ridiculous red tape and paperwork, I ventured out with my stumbling German skills and made calls to various Film Production Houses, mostly based in Zürich, while continuing to draw for regular clients in Australia and New Zealand.

As it happens, there is a small Production Company right next door, here on Feldlistrasse, Mattes Films, to whom I also introduced myself…
Stefan and Calvin at Mattes were very complimentary concerning my work, so much so that they decided they wanted to shoot a short biographical piece on yours truly. A few meetings (the Swiss love their meetings!) and half a day of shooting later…

So I thought it should live on my home page.

Viel Spass und liebe Grüsse.



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