▐ Fast FÜNF Jahre jetzt in der Schweiz!

Almost FIVE years now in Switzerland!

Und so… Well it’s been a while. Years in fact.

As you may have noticed, I have been busy farnarkling about with the creating of YouTube video episodes for my channel, tollescope.
All very well and fun, but it is in fact quite a drain on the old noggin’.
Anything’s possible and I am most certainly my own worst critic so I spend a lot of time drawing and recording only to delete the whole thing and start again.

Covid did nasty things everywhere and my commercial clients in Australia have all but forgotten me entirely since recovering from that damned blight. Hence the need to reinvent myself somehow and so, back to tollescope.

Anyhooo, I hope you like the channel and as I say repeatedly in my videos, please leave a comment and let me know what you think, how I could improve, what you’d like me to draw, or indeed just to say g’day.

Cheers for now,


▐ Fast ein Jahr in der Schweiz!

Doch ja, wir haben fast ein Jahr in der Schweiz gewohnt!

Now that everything is in order:
Aufenthaltsbewilligung (Residency Permit – one of the first things upon arrival last October); Krankenkasseversicherung (Health Insurance); Sozialversicherungsanstalt (Social Security); and Selbständigerwerbende (officially Self-Employed), we’ve now paid tax, registered the motorcycle as Swiss, and taken out home insurance.

Mein Hoch Deutsch ist immer besser wachsend – my German is getting better all the time.

Which brings me to…

Amongst all the ridiculous red tape and paperwork, I ventured out with my stumbling German skills and made calls to various Film Production Houses, mostly based in Zürich, while continuing to draw for regular clients in Australia and New Zealand.

As it happens, there is a small Production Company right next door, here on Feldlistrasse, Mattes Films, to whom I also introduced myself…
Stefan and Calvin at Mattes were very complimentary concerning my work, so much so that they decided they wanted to shoot a short biographical piece on yours truly. A few meetings (the Swiss love their meetings!) and half a day of shooting later…

So I thought it should live on my home page.

Viel Spass und liebe Grüsse.



▐ AQUAMAN hits $1 billion!

Wow! Aquaman just hit 1 billion dollars at the box office world wide!
When my fellow Storyboard Artists, Darryl Henley, James Doh, John Fox and Matt Hatton worked on the film at Warner Bros. on the Gold Coast, we knew it was going to be a fantastic film.
I am proud to have drawn beside these guys and to have shared in the making.

▐ Wohnen in der Schweiz (living in Switzerland)

Und so…
Wir wohnen jetzt in der Schweiz!
We are now living in Switzerland!

After six weeks of camping out in our old place with nothing but a borrowed table and two chairs, a mattress on the floor and a few pots, pans and cups, we flew on the 27th of September and spent another three weeks camping out in our beautiful loft apartment here in St. Gallen until all our belongings arrived (including both motorcycles) in a container on the 22nd of October… We have now completely unpacked and settled in and the place is amazing.

I still hold all my Australian clients, so if you’re one who’s reading now then worry not!
Business as usual!  Just brief me late in the day in Australia and you’ll have the first draft by the time you get to work in the morning!

As for new clients in Switzerland, I have been putting my name out there and have met some fantastic and creative people, mostly in Zürich at this stage.

So wenn du in der Schweiz bist und einen Storyboard Artist brauchst, dann ruf mich an!

Ich freue mich auf die Zukunft!


▐ der grosse Umzug! (The big move!)

Tolley and Christine are moving to Switzerland!

During our short reconnaissance trip to St Gallen the dream warehouse living space appeared; an old textiles and embroidery factory, and now our open plan apartment.

Unsere Stickereifabrikwohnung.  Sehr schön!

The move will take place in late September and we will be residing in St Gallen from the first week of October.

Tolley is of course still available anywhere in the world, and can be contacted now on two numbers:

Australia: +61 (0)411 223 723
Switzerland: +41 (0)76 284 31 31

and naturally, via email:


Gute Arbeit!


▐ STORYBOARDS: “Chase Your Calling”

Recently Tolley drew the storyboards for Chisholm University’s new campaign encouraging young people to pursue their calling in careers.

The finished commercial can be seen here:
“Chase Your Calling”

 with Tolley’s storyboards in pencil below:



















The Romper Stomper series will premiere on New Year’s Day!

Storyboards for some selected VFX and Stunts sequences drawn by Tolley, which of course cannot be posted until after the series has finished screening.
Wouldn’t want to spoil the fun!




After the great honour of being included in the State Library’s PANDORA archive, the inspired Tollster has been furiously developing Tolley Illustration even further.
The Storyboard page now has projects listed separately in a drop down menu with a stack of new content and there are additions to the Illustration page, along with an improved overall design.

Please enjoy.



▐ State Library of Victoria – PANDORA

Tolley is honoured to announce that TOLLEY ILLUSTRATION has been invited by the State Library of Victoria to be archived by PANDORA, the Library’s organisation dedicated to preserving online publications of national significance.
The Library also periodically updates their archives to reflect changes in content of their chosen websites.