▐ Slowly but surely

Langsam aber sicher lerne ich Deutsch = “Slowly but surely, I am learning German”.

I have always believed that to know someone truly, you must be able to speak their native language.
Christine my wife, partner, collaborator and friend, is Swiss.  Christine speaks Swiss German of course, but also German, French, and some Italian.

Puts us ‘Strayans to shame and that’s for truth.

Therefore, I am determined to learn German, which is Switerland’s national language.
Progress is slow, well too slow for my impatient nature, but it is there and my resolve is solid.

Bernard Caleo, infamous Melbourne comics entrepreneur and ages old friend, is also learning German and as part of our studies, we both make one-page comics.
Some of mine can be seen on my SKETCHBOOK page.

Hoffenlich hilft es mir Arbeit in der Schweiz und Deutschland zu finden.



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